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    The Taste-Off

    Liquid Smoke is the ultimate flavor enhancer. So…which liquid smoke brand is the best?  We picked the four (4) most popular brands of liquid smoke and pit them against one another.  The results surprised us!  We created a level playing field and compared the Hickory Flavor from each of the liquid smoke brands since hickory […]

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    The Taste-Off

A Bit of Liquid Smoke History

Liquid smoke is a product made from the controlled burning of wood chips. The smoke from the wood chips pass through a condenser where the wood smoke cools and forms a liquid smoke which is diluted with water.  This liquid smoke has been used for centuries to preserve and flavor food.  From what we read, liquid smoke was a product created by Ernest Wright in 1895 when he was 15 years old.

Using this liquid smoke, Ernest Wright prepared a ham for his friends. When his friends wanted more, he knew he had created a product that would sell.  Wright sold his liquid smoke to  farmers an alternative to traditional smoking techniques used to preserve meats. Eventually, Wright began selling his liquid smoke to farmers outside of the city.