About Us

We’re just a couple of guys wondering which liquid smoke brand is the best.  We use liquid smoke on everything: BBQ Sauce, salsa, spinach dip, hummus, soups, making jerky, noodles, spaghetti sauce, eggs, hash browns, and the list goes on and on.  We use liquid smoke in marinades for fish, chicken, beef, and pork dishes.

Liquid smoke is one of those flavor enhancers that bring a new dimension of taste into the food without all the hard work of actually smoking the “product”.  Quite simply…I’m not quite sure how you’d smoke a spinach dip or hummus, or noodles.


Here is the crew:

Pat…a certified class clown by day and self proclaimed Top Chef at night. He’s got “fifty shades of grey” in his beard which his wife finds sexy.  He’s also thankful that the world didn’t end on December 21, 2012 because he wouldn’t be able to enjoy and chew repetitiously on a stick of homemade bison jerky watching Monday Night Football.  One thing for sure…on the next end of the world event, Pat will have 1,500 lbs of jerky in his after the world silo.  The funny thing is…he won;t have Monday Night Football.  Poor Guy!

Mike…loves to shoot skeet every chance he gets, and sometimes he throws empty liquid smoke bottles up in the air to shoot them becuase he’s too cheap to buy clay pigeons. After passing the 40 year-old mark, his doctor tells him he basically suffers from shooter’s ear syndrome where he’s got constant ringing in his left ear. Here is the lesson to be learned by young, grasshopper liquid smoke lovers…”WEAR HEARING PROTECTION WHEN YOU SHOOT GUNS” (wah deeh say?).

Ed…yep…his name is just Ed.  Not too much to say about Ed other than he drives slower than a turtle walking across the road on a winter night.  He has put liquid smoke on just about everything.  We won’t mention the time that he put liquid smoke on a kumquat or that he put liquid smoke on a Pedigree Dentabone that he took a bite of and that he even put liquid smoke on when we went camping to ward off the mosquitoes.  Oh wait…we just did… Sorry Ed!