Make Liquid Smoke Yourself

So you want to make Liquid Smoke yourself in an all natural way!  Well, let’s just say it’s a bit more work than going down to the store or ordering liquid smoke from the internet.   For all of you “Do It Yourself-ers”, you’ll basically need to construct your own distillery out of some regular house hold items.

What you’ll need to make liquid smoke:
1)  One Chiminea Clay “fireplace”
2)  One piece of 1 ft Metal circular Duct
3)  One Bundt Pan that fits the opening of the Duct to catch the liquid smoke.
4)  Two BBQ Skewers
5)  A metal Mixing Bowl just a tiny bit smaller than the Bundt Pan. Mixing bowl should have a flat bottom.
6)  Foil to wrap around the chimney to create a seal for the Duct column and a seal for the Bundt pan.

Step 1…Wad up the foil and place it around the exit of the chimney.
Step 2…Place the Duct inside the Chimney and use the foil to create a seal around the duct column.
Step 3…Wad up another piece of foil on the top of the column so it creates a nice seat and seal for the Bundt Pan.

Place whatever wood that you like to make Liquid Smoke such as the following wood chips: Hickory, Mesquite, Oak, Applewood, Cedar, Alderwood and light it on fire. Do not use lighter fluid.  Just start with wood chips and build from there.  The key here is to get some good coals going…and then you can add soaked wood chips on top of the coals to create alot of smoke.

Step 4…Place the Bundt Pan on the Duct column so that the inside of the pan faces it.  i.e. Smoke will come through the center hole and collects into the Bundt Pan.
Step 5…Place the BBQ skwewers across the bundt pan to hold the mixing bowl.
Step 6…Place the mixing bowl upside down so that it traps the smoke.
Step 7…Place a bag of ice on top of the flat bottom of the mixing bowl so that the cold ice condenses the smoke and make liquid smoke on the bottom of the Bundt Pan.


Here is a video that we found on YouTube that show how you can make liquid smoke.

You can use this as a reference: