Recipes Using Liquid Smoke

We are preparing a inside pulled pork recipe and a brisket recipe.  As these two dishes are awesome for liquid smoke.

To keep you at bay, here are general guidelines to add to your arsenal of cooking knowledge.  Our recommendations are based on many trials …just ask Ed! Here’s what we suggest.

For sauces, dips, soups etc…
For foods that already have liquid in it that you will consume entirely, you just need to add about 4-6 drops per 8oz.   So, if you have a bowl of chili…add about 4-6 drops to the bowl.  If you have a bowl of Spinach dip…add about 4-6 drops.  If you’re eating a bowl of French Onion soup…add about 4-6 drops of liquid smoke. Just make sure to thoroughly mix to ensure the liquid smoke is evenly dispersed.

What we do know is that a little liquid smoke goes a long way.  It’s easy to use too much because one drop doesn’t seem like a lot. Though I challenge you…to put one drop of concentrated habanero pepper extract on your tongue. I am hoping you get my point.  Use liquid smoke sparingly otherwise too much will make your food taste bitter.

For Marinades…
Because it’s a marinade and not all of the marinade is consumed, and the marinade is used to impart flavor to the meat through absorption, we suggest going a bit stronger to 12-15 drops per 8oz of marinade.  As above…just make sure you evenly and thoroughly mix the liquid smoke into the marinade.

For adding liquid smoke directly to meats…
We do suggest that you use a spray bottle and with a Water/Liquid smoke solution. Spray the liquid smoke on to the meat while you are cooking or just after you have cooked the meat. The optimal water solution to liquid smoke ratio is 12-15 drops of liquid smoke per 8oz of water.   What kid of spray bottle…well…I boosted my kids candy spray pump thingy.  There are these spray pump candy things that you spray on your tongue.  The bottle is just a bit bigger than a ChapStick.  I just dump that junk out and washed it and now use the spray bottle for Liquid Smoke (WHOOP!)


If any one has a good Jerky recipes using Liquid Smoke…please send to us.  We’d be delighted to post it.  We haven’t perfected the use of liquid smoke on jerky.